For the first few iterations of this blog I relied on what was a pretty good solution. It was an interesting CLI tool called s3_website which did a pretty solid job of getting all your files in Jekyll wrapped up with a bow. When I restarted the blog earlier this week, I had tried to use the tool again, but it turns out that the project has been deprecated and I would have to start troubleshooting.

Player AWS S3 has entered the game

Turns out the regular AWS CLI has made leaps and bounds since I last took a look at it, and it can more than handle the task natively. You just need the following few lines in a shell script and it builds the whole jekyll site and deploys the changes, no problem:

  echo "Clean previous build"
  jekyll clean
  echo "Building blog"
  jekyll build
  echo "Deploying blog to s3"
  aws s3 sync _site s3://<yourbucketname>