Another long day to think about

Show your work, live out loud

I’ve restarted this in an urge to try and be a proactive blogger. The thought is that if I can focus on writing more (or just at all), I should be able to at one point make some sort of content worth writing about. Additionally, even if I can’t at least there’s a running ledger of my progress going forward.

Everyone has this problem of not showing their work as they’re building. I’ve certainly gotten to the end of a project before and thought, if I were to try and explain this to someone, there’s no way there would be coherent thought around how this is built. It requires some forethought and planning to know the thing before you build the thing. It’s important because it helps you define what the thing is.

The most important lesson I’ve received so far this year is that things will get done in their own time, but only if you work on them. This blog is an ongoing work in progress check for myself to recognize where I am in my journey and to construct a narrative so that I can eventually get better at remembering the things I need to remember.

What has gone well in this last week?

I am working towards rounding out my knowledge of software engineering by planning to complete the OSSU curriculum. I have other plans to also go through the Oracle Learning Paths to get certificates for NetSuite though, I’m not necessarily looking forward to that. NetSuite is a proprietary software that I am not particularly fond of maintaining. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because of how I’m currently working with it or if it’s how this agency has managed to muck things up, but it’s not a pleasant building experience as far as I have seen so far. Maybe the learning path will show me how the development environment is supposed to look.